Data Privacy on point

Specifically designed for users with up to one website who want to manage up to 5 subpages, Consent Connect Light offers a comprehensive solution to keep technical data privacy in check and ensure that your online presence complies with the latest data protection regulations.

With an intuitive user interface and powerful features, Consent Connect Light helps you efficiently manage your data privacy processes.

Start your journey into the era of data protection today, giving yourself and your customers an unwavering sense of security.

Discover the Outstanding Product Features:

Monthly Reports

Supports up to 1 Website

Supports up to 5 Subpages per Website

Optimized Technical Data Privacy

Extensive Knowledge Database

Actionable Recommendations

Ensures GDPR Compliance

Easy Data Export

Quick Setup

Perfect for one Websites

Consent Connect

  • Effortlessly monitor up to 1 websites
  • Easily manage up to 5 subpages per website
  • Receive monthly detailed reports for comprehensive transparency
  • Setup is straightforward and hassle-free
  • Benefit from specific GDPR tips and recommendations
  • Unlimited data export in various formats, including PDF and CSV

Features That Amaze

Discover the features that will let you sleep soundly at night.


With our monitoring solution, you'll always have an eye on the state of your website, allowing you to react quickly.

Actionable Recommendations

In addition to intelligent analysis, we also provide practical recommendations to enhance the privacy of your website.

Smart Analysis

Our smart analysis quickly provides you with an overview of your website's privacy status, keeping you informed about potential risks.

Data Archiving & Documentation

You can effortlessly store your website's connection data in common formats such as PDF, Excel, and CSV to ensure compliance with GDPR technical and organizational measures.

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"Consent Connect offers you the best solution for discovering and documenting technical data privacy issues on your website – the optimal step towards data protection for your website visitors."

Consent Connect Light Makes Data Privacy Simple and Fast
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No additional costs - Try it free for 30 days.

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32€ 20 / mon

Start your journey into the new era of data protection today. Give yourself and your website visitors a secure feeling.

Clear Data Protection

You've never had a better overview of your websites.

Knowledge Database included

Comprehensive knowledge about data protection at your fingertips.

Cancel Anytime

If you're not satisfied with Consent Connect, you have the option to cancel at any time without hidden costs.

30 Days Free

We're offering you 30 days to thoroughly test Consent Connect.